Your Security, Our Priority.

(Graded "A" by PLRD for the Year 2021 & 2020)


Our Services

At Strive Security, we believe in being responsive to our clients’ needs by providing professional and reliable services. We are glad to serve you in the following areas:

Security Management Consultancy
We are well equipped to give you a consultation on the best security practices for the management of your assets.
Provision of Qualified & Trained Security Personnel
Strive Security is ready to provide you with security officers who have the knowledge required to keep you and your interests safe.
Personal Bodyguard/VIP Security Support
We have years of experience in the safeguarding and protection of VIPs that include actors, CEOs and more.

Our Service Standards

At Strive Security, we believe in:
  1. Building a strong partnership with our clients. Our regular meetings and/or feedback from our clients are just some examples of how we build our partnership with our clients.
  2. Listening carefully to our clients’ concerns and objectives to create customised security packages.
  3. Developing staff capacity through continuous professional development.
  4. Monitoring the quality of security services.
  5. Developing a network of officers that will be available at a moment’s notice to handle assignments.