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What to Look for When Hiring Private Security for Your Event

One of the most important things to remember when organising an event is to make sure your guests are safe. Whether you are planning a music festival or a business conference, private event security personnel can guarantee a successful and incident-free occasion. Special event security can control crowds, prevent unauthorised access, manage rowdiness, and generally ensure that the event unfolds the way the organisers intended. Given the sensitive nature of safeguarding people and assets, it is crucial to be discerning when hiring an event security company in Singapore. In this guide, we will explore several key elements that will help you make an informed decision when it comes to hiring a private security team for an event:

Reputation and Credibility

When you are looking to hire security for an event, it is hard to overstate the importance of a good reputation. When it comes to safeguarding people, you will need to find a security company in Singapore that is reliable, dependable, and has a proven track record. As bodyguards usually have to know the names and locations of their charges, the trustworthiness of the security company is an absolute necessity. 

One of the easiest ways to check the credibility of a security provider is to check their accreditation. Look for a consistent track record of receiving an “A” grade over the past few years, and currently attains not only a “Pass” grade but also has achieved an “Elective” status in the grading system established by the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD) in Singapore. The NS Mark is another indicator of reliable event security services in Singapore. Strive Security is not only a recipient of the NS Mark but has also achieved Grade “A” over the years and “Elective” status from PLRD.

Professional Experience

For the best protection, you will need reliable and experienced security professionals who keenly understand the intricacies involved in managing event security. An experienced security team will bring a wealth of knowledge from handling various scenarios. Unlike untrained personnel, professional security personnel can respond to emergencies with precision and a high degree of confidence. Furthermore, experienced security personnel are good at assessing what their clients need, and may even help organisers clueless about security navigate the complexities of event safety. 

Expertise and Skills

In the security sector, skills and expertise go hand in hand, and both are important factors to consider when searching for special event security providers. Expertise plays an important role in the implementation of security plans at events. Trained security personnel are capable of responding quickly and efficiently in high-pressure environments. Whether it’s dealing with crowds, controlling access, or dealing with emergencies, security personnel can make sure everything runs smoothly and safely for everyone.

Range of Services on Offer

For provision of security services for major events, a company that offers a variety of services can customise security plans to fit the needs of any event. If a company offers a range of services—such as bodyguard protection, security consultancy, and risk assessment—it can easily coordinate these to make on-site operations more efficient and integrated. Being able to tackle the full range of security challenges helps make your event safer, which is why it should be a key consideration when choosing an event security provider.

Use of Advanced Technology

Using the latest technology for surveillance, access control, and data analytics is essential for security teams to respond to threats in a timely manner. While some traditional methods that rely on human eyes and ears still play a role in event security, cutting-edge technology can cut down on response time and help agents detect potential threats in advance. It can also increase the accuracy of security measures, minimising the risk of false alarms. When you want to guarantee optimal security for your event, go with a provider that knows how to utilise available technology to their advantage.

Effective Communication and Collaboration

Working with a special event security team when organising your event is not that different from collaborating with other outside organisations. An event security team needs to be able to communicate well not only with its own team but also with the event organisers and, if necessary, with local law enforcement. Prompt and open communication ensures that all parties involved are in agreement before and during the event. 

Call Strive for the Best Private Event Security in Singapore

Strive Security is an accredited and highly experienced provider of special event security in Singapore. Our team of security professionals has in-depth knowledge of the local environment and can provide protection for many different types of private and public events. The precision of our security team is enhanced by the application of advanced technology. We maintain a 24/7 Command Centre to efficiently coordinate all operations, ensuring a swift response in case of any security concerns. For more information, call our customer support team at (+65) 6291-7069.

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