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Assessing Your Security Needs: Who can benefit from VIP Security Services

Bodyguards—you often see them, big and burly, flanking celebrities in flashy paparazzi shots. However, it is a very common misconception that only the rich and famous need VIP security. Anyone concerned about personal safety, whether for themselves or their families, can benefit from hiring a bodyguard in Singapore. Strive Security has provided bodyguard services to various clients over the years. Here is a list of some of the people who can benefit from having their own security team, according to our experts:

Celebrities and Similar High-Profile People

Celebrities and other distinguished individuals famously have bodyguards to protect themselves whenever they are in public. People with public personas tend to face unique challenges when out and about, especially from overzealous fans and the paparazzi. A personal bodyguard can protect a celebrity in various settings by managing crowds, preventing attempts at being grabbed, and diffusing potentially dangerous situations.

Politicians and Public Figures

Politicians are some of the most recognisable people around, and for many reasons, they require VIP protection security when going about their private or public lives. Other than politicians, public figures can also include individuals whose activities and opinions are of social interest and, as a result, may draw unwanted attention, stalkers, or protestors. If you are an activist or a person seeking election, you may need to privately hire bodyguards.

Business Leaders and Executives

Leading business figures may not necessarily have legions of fans following them, but they can still face an array of security risks. Company owners, CEOs, CFOs, and others involved in business operations make decisions that critically impact employees, stakeholders, and the organisation as a whole. As a result, these individuals may face threats or become targets of corporate espionage. Bodyguards can help safeguard corporate executives and their families.


Thanks to social media, anyone can become a superstar, and can quite unexpectedly find themselves in need of VIP security. Influencers are usually not known to the wider public and may not think of themselves as celebrities in the traditional sense. However, even a niche online fandom can cause serious problems like stalking, or being swarmed in public places. If you are someone who suddenly finds yourself famous, you can avoid similar problems by hiring a professional bodyguard.

Wealthy Individuals and Families

Being rich or having wealthy relatives can put one at all sorts of risks, just ask J. Paul Getty III, grandson of the once-richest man in the world, who had his ear cut off by kidnappers. The clout of money can bring with it an elevated risk of kidnappings, extortion, stalking, and similar threats. Security professionals can reliably safeguard the person, assets, and families of high net-worth individuals.

Event Organisers and VIP Attendees

You would not think that organising a grand affair could put you at risk, but you would be surprised. Events, while fun, can also be venues for criminal activity, crowd crushes, and unwanted intrusion. Keep in mind that if you have VIPs attending, the organisers will be partly responsible for their safety. Hiring an expert security company in Singapore is the best course of action for providing comprehensive safety for all.

Diplomats and Foreign Dignitaries

A security detail is crucial for providing protection for diplomats and emissaries, who often face security risks while on sensitive missions. Bodyguards can protect not just the diplomats but also others they conduct negotiations with on foreign soil. Hiring a bodyguard in Singapore can enhance a visiting foreign dignitary’s assigned security team and extend protection to include the locals they meet.

Victims of Crime

Hiring bodyguards can greatly benefit individuals who are being stalked, cyberbullied, or facing threats of a similar nature. If you have been targeted once and fear harm or retaliation from the perpetrator or associates, a bodyguard may act as a deterrent, discouraging potential attacks.

Individuals in Legal Jeopardy

In instances where legal proceedings are particularly contentious or involve dangerous parties, hiring personal bodyguards will be the best solution for protecting yourself. Security personnel can help protect your identity and privacy and prevent harassment if you are embroiled in adversarial litigation.

Contact Strive Security to Put Your Mind at Ease about Protection

Strive Security provides dependable solutions to a wide range of security requirements. If you think you need a bodyguard in Singapore for any reason, our experts can offer solutions that address your needs. Our comprehensive security plans include personal protection as well as surveillance and monitoring. Whether you want to protect yourself, your family, or an asset, we can help you with guaranteed protection. Get in touch with us for more information.

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