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5 Services offered by a Security Company in Singapore

Security services in Singapore are important for protecting people, companies, assets and properties from various risks and dangers. While Singapore is considered a safe country, one cannot be complacent and should take a proactive approach to safeguard assets and individuals. A security company in Singapore can provide a wide variety of specialised services that protect against safety threats such as theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access. Whether it is keeping a corporate office safe or guarding a VIP, security agencies can provide you with peace of mind. Let’s take a look at the different types of services you can expect from a security agency in Singapore.

1. Personal Bodyguard

Security agencies in Singapore and around the world are best known for providing protection services through the use of bodyguards. You can expect a security company in Singapore to offer protection services to individuals exposed to public attention, such as athletes, celebrities, and politicians. Professional bodyguards will do threat assessments in advance to lessen the likelihood of a security breach happening in the first place so that VIPs can navigate locales free of worries.

2. Video Surveillance

There are key differences between video surveillance offered by security companies and the home CCTV cameras you can buy online. Security services in Singapore offer homes and businesses a wider range of coverage areas, round-the-clock monitoring, and advanced features, including motion detection and facial recognition. These high-end systems utilise sophisticated cameras and technologies to observe and document activities in and around a property. Security professionals also remotely monitor footage so they can immediately respond to threats. Personal CCTV systems, on the other hand, are smaller, have fewer features, and can only be monitored by owners when they have the time.

3. Event Security

No matter what kind of event you are hosting—a music festival, a sports game, or a business conference—event security is a key part of making sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time. Special event security personnel create security plans to keep an eye on the proceedings so that things remain safe for both the attendees and the organisers. The agents will oversee entrances, provide identification wristbands to prevent uninvited guests from entering, and intervene as necessary to resolve altercations. In short, event security allows attendees to experience gatherings without worrying about their safety and enables organisers to host a function without disruptions.

4. Crowd Management

Singapore’s bustling nightlife and many international functions attract throngs of eager crowds. Think about a big concert or a party with thousands of people who are keen to experience the moment. Professional security agents know that such events, although exciting, pose serious threats like crowd crushes, rushing, and perhaps even criminal activity. An experienced security company in Singapore can deploy an array of methods to effectively manage wild crowds and keep events running smoothly, as intended. For example, professional security personnel will make sure access points are monitored and queues are controlled so that premises are not overcrowded—all the while keeping an inconspicuous presence.

5. Protection for Buildings and Other Property

Just like bodyguards for people, a security team can protect commercial or residential property against theft, vandalism, intrusion, or any other potentially damaging activity. Reputable security services in Singapore can offer both physical protection and surveillance for assets such as warehouses, residential sites, institutions and commercial sites. Strive Security, for example, offers 24/7 on-site security services for residential, commercial, learning institutions and industrial sites. Our security plans are custom-designed to match the specific requirements of the relevant industry. Hiring a security company for round-the-clock monitoring can save businesses and private individuals the hefty costs associated with directly employing guards and buying equipment. More importantly, professional security companies bring with them experience and specialised skills that are hard to find outside of policing and military services. 

Get in Touch with Strive Security Company in Singapore for Technology-Driven Solutions

Strive Security offers cutting-edge, technology-driven security solutions for a variety of individuals and industries in Singapore. At Strive Security, we rely on innovative techniques and perform rigorous risk assessments, which allow us to identify and mitigate potential threats before they become serious security threats. Our Command Centre utilises the latest technology to provide proactive protection. Furthermore, our experienced and skilled security personnel can customise security plans to address unique threats and requirements so you, or your company, can benefit from the best safety procedures while in Singapore. Call us at (+65) 6291-7069 to learn more about our comprehensive range of security services in Singapore.

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